Smart Home Plumbing Features: Leak Detectors, Temp Monitors

There are numerous areas of our home lives that have been improved by technology over recent years, and smart home or home automation themes are of particular interest to many. And if you’re considering any kind of home automation, make sure you think about one of several areas where smart home themes have improved everything from convenience to costs: Plumbing.

At My Buddy the Plumber, we’re happy to help with numerous plumbing services, from specific jobs like drain cleaning or main sewer line jetting to broad themes like the setup of a new plumbing system. We’ve assisted many clients with infusing smart home themes into their home plumbing setup, and we’ll do the same for you if you have interest in this area. For those who are just learning about this realm, this two-part blog series will dig into some of the most common home automation fixtures available today with regard to your plumbing, plus how you might best utilize them in your system.

smart home plumbing features leak

Leak Detectors

Maybe the single most common home automation fixture found in home plumbing systems today, and also one of the most important, is a leak detector. As the name suggests, the operation of this component is simple: If any water is detected in appliance areas where it shouldn’t be – such as water running down the side of the hot water heater, water leaking out the bottom of the toilet or some similar concern – the system will notify you automatically.

These notifications can be sent anywhere, from your central home automation hub to, more commonly, your smartphone. Instead of leaks causing significant water damage in the period before you notice them, you’ll get notified right away, allowing you to remedy the concern either on your own or with the assistance of our plumbers.

Whole-Home Leak Detection

While it’s newer to the market and might just be becoming available in your area, there are also whole-home leak detection systems that do even more than single-appliance detectors we discussed above. These systems apply to all your plumbing fixtures at once, and will identify the location of any leaks and alert you right away – plus is able to shut off your water supply line if it senses that water damage or flooding due to a leak is a potential risk.

Temperature Monitors

Are you the sort who loves your bath at a specific temperature every time? What about if you have kids and want to keep them safe around these and other instances where high temperatures might be present in plumbing systems?

For these areas, LED temperature monitors are excellent options. These simple appliances come with an LED screen that displays the temperature of water, then tells you when it’s reached your precise desired temperature point.

For more on home automation in plumbing systems, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber in Provo today.