Emergency Plumbing

No matter what time or day it is, some plumbing repairs just can’t wait. My Buddy the Plumber knows that better than anyone, which is why we provide 24 hour plumber services in Provo, Utah.

For those of us who aren’t as well-versed in plumbing issues and repairs, it can be hard to tell at first what counts as a plumbing emergency. A leaking pipe, for example, may seem minor, especially if the leak is very slow. However, the longer a leak is left unfixed, the more damage it can do to your home or business. Leaking pipes can pose electrical risks if the water interacts with any electrical wiring. Also, leaks can cause damage to the structure of your home or business, as well as to personal belongings or commercial products. A leak can also cause unsanitary organic growth in the problem area and will run up your water bill.

If you find a leak, your best bet is usually to turn the water off in your home or business to stop the leak until it can be fixed. However, running water is crucial for safe and sanitary waste disposal, as well as cleaning, cooking, drinking, and more. If you are without water due to a leaking pipe, call My Buddy the Plumber for emergency plumbing services in Provo.

Plumbing emergencies may also be seasonal. For example, although a broken water heater may not be so urgent in the summer, a wintertime water heater failure could significantly disrupt your daily routine, especially when it comes to household chores and personal hygiene. If it’s cold outside and your hot water heater isn’t working, that’s a plumbing emergency.

No matter the weather, an overflowing toilet is always a reason to call a 24 hour plumber in Provo. Not only is the toilet out of commission, which may be a major problem if there are limited bathrooms in your home or business, but it is also posing a health risk to members of your household or employees and patrons of your business. This is because an overflowing toilet may cause untreated sewage to back up into your home or business, putting you and those nearby in danger of contracting E. coli, tetanus, or hepatitis A, among other diseases. Whether it’s 3 a.m., Christmas Day, or a regular weeknight, we can get your overflowing toilet fixed.

Another emergency plumbing problem you might run into is a malfunctioning sump pump. Flooded basements are one of life’s biggest headaches, so we want to save you the ordeal of water damage. If your sump pump is failing when there’s too much rainfall, that’s a good reason to call your 24 hour plumber in Provo.

My Buddy the Plumber’s experienced and friendly technicians will help you sort out any emergency plumbing issues in no time.