Plumbing and HVAC Contractor in Pleasant Grove, Utah

For many years, residents of Pleasant Grove and other surrounding areas of Utah have been calling on the experts at My Buddy the Plumber for all their plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs. Join the growing list of clients who come back to us year after year to keep their family safe and comfortable.

When you need work done in your home, you want it done by friendly professionals you know you can trust – both to get the job right and stand by it in the future. We respond quickly to all plumbing and HVAC needs and provide quality, affordable services, those we’re happy to update and maintain moving forward.

    Heating Services Provided

    We can handle any of the following heating services to Pleasant Grove residents:

    • Troubleshooting: Inspecting and updating various heating components, from larger items like the furnace and thermostat to others like ducts, heat exchangers and more. We’ll prevent larger issues and repairs from cropping up wherever possible.
    • Repairs: Many minor heating issues require simple repairs that are quick and affordable, and we’ll direct you to these whenever possible.
    • Replacements: We’ll help with on-demand replacements for vital parts, from furnace replacement emergencies to changing out furnace filters. We can also install new thermostats or humidifier solutions if needed.

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    Air Conditioning Experts

    There’s nothing worse than an air cooling system that doesn’t perform optimally during a dry, hot Utah summer, and we’re here to ensure this never happens to you. Just like with our heating experts, we provide a full range of troubleshooting, repair and replacement services, including helping many locals transition from previous air systems into more efficient, comfortable central air programs.

    Perhaps most importantly, we can help you keep track of the lifespan of your AC unit and its primary components. When issues crop up over the years, we can help you understand whether the most cost-effective solution is a temporary repair or the installation of a new system. If the latter is the case, we’ll walk you through free estimates on the latest air conditioning technology to help you make the right choice.

    Trusted Plumbing Professionals

    Plumbing is a year-round need, and our plumbers are always at your service. Whether you need emergency repairs for burst pipes or major water damage, drain cleaning or major sewer line repairs, or even basic yearly inspections and maintenance of your plumbing system, we’re on hand to assist you.

    We carry all the latest in plumbing technology, from tankless water heaters to pipe-jetting cleaners for clogged systems. We can install items like water filters or water heaters and will improve both your personal comfort and your system’s efficiency, often lowering your monthly water bill significantly in the process.

    For more on how our pros can help Pleasant Grove and nearby residents with all their plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs, speak to the pros at My Buddy the Plumber today.